Why Can't I Focus on Anything

Why Can’t I Focus on Anything and Be Productive?

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Since I’ve been hard at work creating my new course Master your Life with Productivity I’ve been reading all about productivity, watching videos, and trying to learn all I can and implement new time management and tips and techniques to be more productive.

I know many of you feel discouraged about learning to be more productive. You’ve tried things in the past and they didn’t work or were too hard to stick to. So you feel like productivity is a weakness for you and something you fail at.

So if you want to be more productive you need to figure out why it’s so hard to be productive. That way you know where you are likely to mess up in the process and how to avoid those missteps.

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Top reasons why you failed at being productive

Too many distractions

This is what messed me up for years in terms of productivity. There were too many distractions and I was always trying to multi task and my focus was never on one task.

You may think that multitasking will improve your productivity but the opposite is true. When you are multitasking your productivity drops and you actually get done less.

So making a few tweaks to things to eliminate distractions can make a huge difference on your level of producticity.

Turn off notifications on your phone so that you are not distracted by beeps or dings all day long. That and schedule times to check your email so you aren’t hitting refresh all day. Then getting sucked into emails that can wait.

They don’t know what is most important and can’t prioritize

With so many items on their to-do list they fall into the mindset that it all matters and all needs to get done.

The thing is that when we do that we lose focus on what really matters and needs to be done the most.

Learning to prioritize the tasks that are most important and the things that have to be done first will save you so much time in the long run.

This is a big topic that I cover in Master your Life with Productivity because it is so important and learning how to do it well is an important skill to learn.

They don’t have a plan for success

One of the biggest secrets to being successful with time management is to have a plan. Without a plan you make it very hard for you to be successful.

When you have a goal that you want to achieve you need to break it down into smaller pieces and make a plan for how to get those piece achieved.

Like with creating this course I’m doing. I had my big goal of having a course and then I broke it down on how I wanted to create and market the course. Then I mapped out a plan to get each step accomplished.

Whatever it is that you want to accomplish or be more productive at. It’s so important to have a plan to help you get there.

Would you like to join me on this journey? Could your productivity and time management use some tweaking, too?

Well, in case you missed my announcement, I have a new course all about productivity, I’m so excited to share all I’ve learned about managing your time and incrreasing your productivity. .

Each week will be a new module with video lessons and printables to help you implament what you learn and apply it to your own life.

I’ll be journeying through this with you and cheering you on. as well as sharing how I’m updating and bettering my own time management skills

This private Facebook Community be a place for daily accountability and cheerleading for all of us and I can’t wait to get to interact with you in a more personal way there and cheer you on as you overhaul your mornings (or just tweak them a bit!).

In the Facebook group we’ll go deeper into the material, I’ll share some of my best time management tricks and tips, I’ll share what I’m learning, and I’ll answer your questions and give you feedback and encouragement tailored to your specific situation.

It’s going to be amazing and I can’t wait to go through this together — not only so I can encourage you as you work on your mornings, but so that our family’s morning can improve, as well!

So, to recap, when you sign up, you’ll get:

  • Lifetime access to Master your Life with Productivity, including the PDF workbook, all the videos! Plus any updated and added content that happens in the future.
  • Exclusive access to the Master your Life with Productivity Facebook group where you can collaborate with others who are making over their productivity too!

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