Best Time Management Apps

5 of the Best Time Management Apps

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I love the process of getting organized and becoming more productive. I love a great planner and even though I tend to love using my phone and google calendar and apps for most things. I’m still a big fan of beautiful and gorgeous planners that are so useful. So check out some of the tools you’ll need to get organized.

Getting organized is a process and can be a challenge. Check out the tools you need to get organized with these planners and apps.
the tools you'll need to get organized

Becoming more organized is a process and it will be work. Having the right tools can make it easier to do and not such a challenge. Whether you go digital or paper you want to be using the tools you’ll need to get organized and scheduled. So first I’m sharing a few of my favorite digital apps and then ten of the best planners to help you get organized.

Digital apps I like 

  1. GoogleCalendar: I love using Google Calendar to keep track of my schedule on my computer and then having it with me on my phone. 
  2. Evernote: My favorite app of them all. I use Evernote every day for lists and goal setting and project outlines. I am going to do a post in the future going through a tutorial on how to use this program.
  3. BeFocusedPro: an app for my phone that tracks time using the Pomodoro technique. Which is how I manage my time. It’s a technique if focusing your attention on one thing at a time for chunks of time. Also a tutorial I have in the works.
  4. Rescuetime: This is a newer app that I’ve started using this summer and I love it. It tracks where you spend your time while on your computer and divides it into productive and non-productive. It’s great to see where I’m spending my time online.
  5. Dropbox: I use Dropbox to store all my photos and documents. This way they don’t take up so much space on my computer or on my phone. It also allows me to transfer things from multiple devices. By saving them all in Dropbox and then taking them out on the device I need them. 

The Best planners for you to check out

  1. Bloom Daily Planners: I think this one is just beautiful and I love the layout

Note: This post may contain affiliate links, which means if you buy from my link I might make a small commission. This does not affect the price you pay. See the full affiliate disclosure here.

2. Momma’s Little Helper Floral Daily Planner: This is a great resource for moms and a way to keep track of all those little details that mom’s need to remember. 

3. Living Well Planner:  This is a planner created by one of my favorite bloggers, Ruth Soukup from Living Well Spending Less. She is such an inspiration to me as a blogger and I have learned so much from her. It comes as no surprise to me that her planner is incredible too.

4. Lily Pulitzer 17 Month Agenda: The great thing about this planner is that there is a lot of space to write in. It’s also Lily Pulitzer which is great quality and gorgeous.

5. Tools4Wisdom Planner:  I love that they come with a quote on the cover, I love quotes. Also, I love that there is a space for setting goals in the planner. 

6. The Simplified Planner: I am so in love with the look of this planner. I am a big fan of Emily Ley the creator of this planner and author of the Simplified Life 

7. Keep it Simple with this At A Glance Planner

8. One of the Life Planner from Erin Condren: I have many friends who are big fans of  Erin Condren Planners. They are very gorgeous but a bit more pricey than I am willing to spend on a planner. 

9.The Clever Fox Undated Planner: This is the planner I ordered for 2019. I think it will be so helpful to have this gorgeous planner to keep my family organized.

10. The Everyday Fresh Start Daily Planner

Everyday Fresh Start Daily Planner

I hope this post helped you find the best planners to get you organized. That you found a  gorgeous planner to get for next year to help keep you organized.

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