How to Have a Productive Morning

How to Have a More Productive Morning

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The new school year has started and like many of you, we are doing virtual learning for my daughter. She is in 8th grade though so it’s not as hard for me as it is for those of you that have younger kids whom you need to be more hands-on for their schooling. My daughter can handle most of it on her own.

I know many of you are struggling though to make better use of your time and set your family up for a great day with a productive morning routine. This year has been hard and starting a new school year has added more challenges.

Even if you don’t have kids having a morning routine that sets you up for a better and more productive day that will make things run more smoothly.

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So how do you have a more productive morning? By doing a few simple things that will help set you up for success.

How you can have a more productive morning

1 Prepare the night Before

A good morning starts the night before. Have you heard that saying before? It is so true. If you want to set yourself up to have the most successful morning you should do a little prep the night before. A good night routine will set you up for a more productive morning.

Before you go to bed spend a little bit of time tidying up so that you wake up to a clean kitchen and can start your day without the stress of a sink full of dishes. Doing this simple thing will make your day more productive.

2 Wake up earlier

I don’t mean you need to become a morning person. I know that getting up at 5 am is just not for everyone. Myself included. I’m a night owl, not an early bird. So when I say wake up earlier I don’t mean wake up early.

I recommend you figure out what time you need to either be out the door if you go somewhere or what time you want to begin your day from home. Then go backward from there.

So if you need to leave or be ready by 9 am then figure out how long your morning routine will take and subtract. So if you think it will take you two hours to get yourself and your family ready for the day. So you need to be up at least by 7 to have enough time to get it all done.

Then in order to ensure that you have a more peaceful and smoother morning and day, I would budget in at least a 15 minute but more like an extra 30 minutes to make sure you aren’t rushing or getting out the door late. So make wake up time is 630.

If this is earlier than you usually get up start slowly walking back your wake up time this week wake up 30 minutes earlier than your current wake up time. Next week wake up another half hour earlier and so on. So your body can slowly adjust to this new schedule.

3 Make your Bed

There is just something so great about having your bed made. It only takes a few minutes but it will make your bedroom look instantly tidier. Plus when it’s time to get in bed at night you will appreciate it being made. 

It’s one of the habits I’m most happy I’ve started doing and it is such a quick and simple win to start your day

4 Drink water and eat something

Drinking more water has become one of the easiest habits I’ve developed that have really made a difference to my overall health. If you are looking to lose weight, clear up your skin, fight off getting sick, and feel better you should increase your water.

Drinking soda was always my go-to beverage of choice. I was always feeling bloated and cranky and had non stop headaches. It took me years to discover it was probably because I was dehydrated. Don’t make the same mistake.

Now a soda is a treat and water is what I drink all the time. If you want to make yourself feel better start tracking how much water you drink. You can add an app to your phone and watch how much better you feel when you give your body the water it needs. If you struggle to drink water, as I did for years I want to share what helped me to finally hit my water goals. Tracking my water intake really helped. Plus I found that drinking flavored water with caffeine was a great and healthier alternative to soda. This one is so good and only 10 calories per packet.

I’m not a big eater in the morning but I have found that if I eat something I will be able to start my day with more energy. So I keep things in our kitchen that are quick to grab and have in the morning and then I will eat a larger lunch 

5 plan out your day

Make your to-do list. You can make that the night before or first thing in the morning. Either way having a list of what you want to accomplish and do will help set you up for more success. 

If you just let yourself wing it and have no plan for your day you will probably end up not getting much done during the day.

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