How to Be More Productive in the Morning

How to Be More Productive in the Morning in 6 Easy Steps

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If you are like me then you are always on the lookout for new ways to make life easier and run more smoothly. I’ve discovered that my mornings can make or break my day. If I have a good morning I am more likely to have a good day. If I have a bad or rough morning it’s hard to get my day back on track.

Since it is my mission of this blog to help other busy women get the most out of their lives I put some thought and spent some time researching what goes into making a good and productive morning. This way I can try to be better at doing these things and so can you. Let’s make the most of our mornings and have better days.

1 getting a good night sleep is the first step because it is so important. Not sleeping enough is the best way to make yourself not productive. If you think you are giving yourself extra time by sleeping less you are not correct. Your mind and body need sleep. If you are depriving them of the rest they need you will be slower in getting things done and not do them as well. So your tasks will take longer and not be done right. So make the effort to get the hours of rest you need.

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2. Eat breakfast. I use to be so bad at remembering to do this and have gotten better at it in the last year or so. I just wasn’t always hungry in the morning. So I try to at least make the effort to eat a powerbar and some fruit or something to give me some energy when I’m starting my day. Then eat a real breakfast or an early lunch a little later on. Not only does eating in the morning give you energy it also helps prevent overeating later on in the day. I’d skip breakfast and then be starving later so I’d eat too much.

3. make a to-do list the night before

I need to get back to doing this. I was doing this and it was really helpful in my blogging. I was more productive and got more done. The past two months though my routine has fallen apart. Moving to a new state has been a big project and a lot of work. I’m excited to get back on track with my blog and set up new routines in our new home.

Spending 10-15 minutes at night to plan out my to-do list for the next day really helped me to get so much more done and accomplished. If you want to be more productive I really recommend spending a little time the night before making a list.

4. be active

I was never big on exercise and was very inactive. I got a Fitbit about a year ago and started making more of an effort to move around more. I’m so glad I got one because it made it easy to make more effort to walk more.

Then I noticed that being more active made me more productive. Since I started using my Fitbit I noticed I get more done and my blog and home life were better. I’m going to start doing more exercise and am hoping that being more active will give me more energy to get more done.

5. don’t overschedule

As important as making a to-do list and I think you should make one. You need to remember that you only have so many hours in the day. So don’t overschedule ad give yourself too many tasks to do in your day you will end up getting frustrated and not get as much done.

You’ll be more productive and accomplish more when you don’t overschedule your day with too many tasks and too much to do.

6. do the most important task you have first

This one tip will help you make your mornings so much more productive. Look over your list and find the most important task and do that task first. I learned this task from the book Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy. This book will really explain why you should do your most important task first. It’s one of my favorite time management books.

Doing it this way will help you avoid procrastinating on that important task. Often our most important tasks are time consuming or difficult so we will keep putting them off. This way you do that important task first get it done and out of the.

I hope that after you try out these tips you will begin to have more productive mornings. This will lead to more productive days where you accomplish more. I’m excited to start getting my morning routine more in order.

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