The Best Productivity Apps

The Best Productivity Apps

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I don’t think I had any idea before I started blogging how much time is involved in planning and running a blog. It is a lot of work which is why it is so important to be passionate and really love what you are doing when you blog. Otherwise, why spend that time and energy on it? In the beginning and for a long time you won’t see any money and not many followers for a while.

When people do start coming to your blog it is wonderful but the more successful you get the more work your blog will become. One way to be more successful at blogging and at life is to manage your time better. So I have put together a list of the apps I use to be more Productive. These apps save me time and make me more organized.

Luckily we find ways to make that easier. We have calendars and to-do lists and automatic schedulers. This way we can stay on top of the never-ending amount of work that comes along with running a blog and online business. I don’t have the ability to write out everything because of limited use of my hand. So I rely on electronic systems. I have tried many out to find my favorites and what works for me.

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The apps I use to be more productive

Evernote: This is one of my most favorite systems to organize my life and business. I create daily to-do lists and use the check off boxes to mark off when I complete things. I also download and use the web clipper to save articles I find on the internet.

I use Evernote so much and it has really helped me to get my life more organized. I make shopping lists and list for projects to do both for blogging and around the home. I can make them on my computer on Evernote and then pull it up on my phone so I always have my lists with me. 

Simplemind: This is a mind mapping tool that I use on my iPad. I liked making mind maps before my hand disability and it was something I missed doing. I’m so glad I found this app that lets me do it. I have one for post ideas and every time I think of a new idea I add it right to the map.

Buffer: I have talked about Buffer before in this post here. I don’t use it as well as I know it could be used but it is a great platform. One of my favorite features of it is that if I have a sponsored post I can schedule all my social posts at one time. Get it done in only one sitting, instead of having to do it one at a time. This is such a time saver. I am hoping to make better use of Buffer. It’s a simple app and can save me a lot of time and be more productive.

Twitterfeed: I love using Twitterfeed to help my feed on Twitter and Facebook filled with great articles of other bloggers content.

What this site does is you set up blogs that you enjoy and you think your followers would enjoy and have their new posts automatically post to your Twitter and Facebook. I have a few blogs that I do this with and it keeps my feeds filled with lots of good quality content with minimal effort from me.

Google calendar: This is where I schedule everything. I plan when I work on things and also my families plans and events. I like that I can use it on my laptop and it syncs up to my iPad and my phone.

Hydrocoach: This is an app I use to track how much water I drink during the day. I was never a good water drinker. I noticed though that if I did drink more water I felt better and could get more accomplished. So I tried a lot of different apps and found this one worked the best to get me to drink more. 

I’ve been using it about a month now and I’m drinking so much more water and it’s a great reminder. It chimes when I’m getting behinfd and it just signals to me to go grab another bottle of water. 

These are the apps I use to be more productive. Though  I’m sure there are plenty more resources I use and could mention and lots I don’t know about . I’d love for you to share your favorites with me. I love learning about new apps and programs.

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