How to Be Productive at Home

How to Be Productive at Home

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9 Ways to get more stuff done

I need to get more stuff done with my time. I’ve never been very good at managing my time and accomplishing my goals and to-dos. Though I have found some ways that have worked for me and that have helped me to find ways to get more stuff done in my day. I hope that I have come up with some good ways to get more stuff done that will help you out. I know it isn’t easy to get done everything that you need to do. 

1 You first need to find your focus.  Life is busy for all of us and it can quickly become overwhelming when you are trying to get as many things done as possible. I have felt this way many times before and know that I will feel this way again. 

I have found that it really helps to figure out your focus, that is to find the one thing you are trying to do or get accomplished at that moment. Figure that out and then work towards that goal with determination. When you are focused on that one task you are more likely to get it done and then you can move on to the next thing you need to do. 

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2. Get more done by taking the time to make lists.  When you’re looking for ways to get more stuff  done then you really need to look at making lists. I don’t know about you but I always have a list going on in my head of things I would like to get done. 

The thing is that if I don’t put those things down on an actual list either written or digital, then I often forget about them. So it’s really important for me to be consistent about adding things as I think of them to my lists that I have. For me, I have two main lists on my phone. A blogging to do list and a home to do list. As I think of new things to do they get added to the correct list. 

3. One of my favorite tips is to take mini breaks while working on a project or large task.  I find I can get more done if I break up the big project and give myself little breaks in between working on it.If I try to just push through and get it all done at once. I find that my mind wanders and I get distracted which makes it end up taking longer than it should. So I will give myself 15 minutes to play on the internet or read and then get back on task. That little break helps me to stay focused when I start up again. 

4. It also really helps me if I set a timer.  I do this all the time when I’m working or getting stuff done around the house. I either set the timer for a half hour or just check my phone and keep track of the time and then and get to work. Then sometimes after that, I take my break or just go on to more work. Depending on how I feel, it helps to know I just have to stay on task for that short period of time. 

5. You have to learn to say no sometimes. If you want ways to get more stuff done then you need to start saying no sometimes. If you take on too much and are trying to do everything. Then things will either be done not well or not get done at all. So if you don’t have the time you need to politely decline.  

6. It’s also helpful to find a routine when trying to get more done. I’ve always struggled to set routines and use a calendar. It doesn’t come naturally to me but when I do it I know that it does help. Using an editorial calendar has made a big difference with getting more done blogging. 

7. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.   This is one area of my life I use to struggle with a lot. Luckily I have gotten better at this as I’ve gotten older because asking for help is something we shouldn’t be afraid to do because none of us can do everything on our own and that is ok. That is why we have our family, friends and sometimes professionals that we can lean on when we need to. 

8. You need to get enough sleep and take care of yourself. If you want to find ways to get more stuff done then taking care of you needs to be one of the first steps. If you are exhausted or run down you just won’t be able to get as much done.

Also, if you aren’t sleeping enough you are more likely to get sick and that will stop you from getting anything done. So don’t pull that all-nighter. It might seem like a way to get more done but if you are exhausted. You will get sick and it will backfire and put you behind. 

9. Next, you need to prioritize what needs to be done and put things in order. Although everything on your list seems really important in reality, not everything is equally important. So figure out the few things that have to get done. Thatwill have the most impact and get them done first. Then move on to other items on your list. 

I hope you find these nine ways to get more stuff done tips to be helpful to you.  Also that you are able to apply a few or all of them to your life. So that you can start getting more done and being more productive. It’s a work in process. I don’t think we are every really done with trying to be better at getting things done. So I will keep working hard at it as well.

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