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Where to Find the Best Planner Accessories & Stickers

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Planners, you guys.

It’s no secret I love them – in fact, they’ve changed my life, taking me from hopeless hot-mess-mom to hot-mess-mom on track to succeed in her wildest goals.

And while I talked about the best planners for this year in my last post, you all know finding the perfect planner is only half the battle, right?

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You also need to find the perfect planner supplies.

Of course, any planner will function just fine even if you only ever use a pen.

But where’s the fun in that?

Plans only work if you keep coming back to them – and the more unique, fun, and attractive you make your planner, the more you’ll want to use it.

Best Planner Accessories (1)

I personally credit washi tape for at least 50% of all my life’s successes (I’m really only partly joking here).

I’ve always had a love for well-designed stationery, ever since I was a kid. (Adorable erasers shaped like clouds? OMG).

Even now, as an adult, there’s something about a color-coordinated notepad-and-pen set that makes my heart smile.

I’m forever on the hunt for interesting stickers, pastel highlighters, or cute page tabs to add to my collection… So it makes a lot of sense that I would eventually find, and fall into, the planner community with a passion.

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Where Do I Find the Best Planner Accessories?

If you’re new to planning, chances are you’re scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest and thinking, “but where do people find all this stuff?” 

When I first discovered the planner world (wayyyy back in 2016), I was floored. I had used an academic agenda all through university, and was starting my first business fresh out of school. I needed something more involved then your typical due-date based date book.

I remember doing a quick google search and being just… amazed, at what I was seeing.

How had I missed this huge, colorful, thriving planner world?

How had I, a  stationery lover and notebook hoarder, managed to go all the way through school and pretty much my entire life without seeing what I could have been using instead of my basic, boring, bland academic agenda?

But once I actually started looking for the stuff, I realized I was seeing it everywhere.

For example: Did you know IKEA sells washi tape? IKEA. I had somehow just gone my whole life without noticing that amazing planner supplies were everywhere, and I was missing out.

Over the years, I’ve compiled a short list of the absolute best places to get great planner supplies, for every budget!

Best Planner Stickers


When I first started, I got all of my planner supplies at Michaels – I got all of my planners there, too!

Michaels is a great place to start because they have an excellent variety.

You can get everything from washi and stickers, to binder clips, paper clips, and extra hardware for your planner.

Not to mention any specialty pen or marker you might need to make your pages beautiful!

If you’re a true newbie to planning, Michaels is a one-stop-shop for everything you need. And with their frequent sales and coupons, you don’t have to break the bank to start hoarding supplies.

If you want to try out the Recollections line of ring planners you can also pick up the inserts, extra dividers, or sticky note packs already hole-punched to fit right in your planner!

Or go with a Happy Planner and grab some MAMBI stickers that are designed to fit perfectly inside your planner pages. (As a side note, those MAMBI sticker books are hands-down my favorite planner supply ever. They’re so beautiful, I have some sheets I can’t bring myself to use).

Don’t Miss:

The Recollections washi tape tubes!

A collection of color-coordinated washi tapes in different themes, from 10-15 rolls depending on the size of the tube.

These are excellent, especially if you’re just starting to build a collection and want your colors to play well together and look effortless.

Most of my washi collection came from these tubes from Michaels, including some of my favorite color combinations.

I went looking to see if they still sold the very first washi tube I ever bought, and – here it is!

They also have this adorable Plush Peonies set, which I think will be my next washi purchase 😉


Etsy is, hands-down, my favorite place to buy cute planner supplies.

There’s far more selection than you’ll ever find in a store, and there’s something for every aesthetic you love.

Plus, with every purchase, you’re supporting a small business instead of a massive corporation – and that’s always up my alley!

Also, many shop owners will have a mailing list or be active on social media, so you can keep up to date with new offerings and any sales opportunities there might be.

Don’t Miss:

Weekly kits!

This is something you really can’t find in a store in the same way.

Etsy will have weekly planning kits to fit just about any planner you have. If you like decorating your planner pages or having a theme for holidays – weekly kits are amazing.

Just search “[your planner] weekly kit” to find just about any theme, planner, or color combination you could want.

Erin Condren

Erin Condren makes amazing planners, but did you realize they make amazing planner accessories too?

If you already have an Erin Condren Life Planner, you can get snap-in accessories to add pages or dashboards inside your planner, or interchangeable covers. But even if you don’t use the Erin Condren planner, there’s a ton here for you to enjoy.

Erin Condren planner stickers

From pouches to keep your planner and supplies in, to adorable charms and gorgeous planner stickers, you don’t need an ECLP to use and love Erin Condren accessories.


You use Amazon for everything else, but have you considered checking it for planner supplies? You can find everything there, from branded products from top planner companies to gorgeous washi tapes.

Check out my list of the Best Planner Supplies You Can Find on Amazon for the BEST planner accessories and deals to add to your next order

Don’t-Miss Planner Supply:

best highlighters for your planner

The 10-pack of Zebra Mildliners.

These highlighters are much beloved in the planner community because they’re double-ended, with soft pastel colors perfect for using in your planner or bullet journal.

These aren’t your neon high school highlighters!

They usually come in packs of four, and finding every color can be a hassle, but the 10 pack is super reasonably priced on Amazon (more so than I’ve seen anywhere else!)


Have you heard of Pipsticks?

This is a company I wish I’d heard about when I first started my planner journey.

They’re a one-stop shop for sticker lovers everywhere, and even have a robust selection of kids’ stickers – so if you have trouble keeping your littles out of your sticker stash, you can add some things to your cart just for them! Pipsticks also has washi, pens, notebooks, and pouches to keep all your treasures in.

It’s definitely worth looking around the site to see what they offer.

Don’t Miss:

pipsticks so many planner stickers book

Their So. Many. Planner Stickers. Book! It’s a crazy good value, thousands of stickers packed into one sticker book! If you’re getting started with using stickers in your planner, you really can’t beat this find.

Paper House Productions

You guys – this one is SUCH a hidden gem. I’m actually amazed I haven’t seen more people talking about this company – their stuff is GORGEOUS. I mean, look at this collection:

planner supplies at paper house

I’m in love. They’ve got everything from planners and notebooks to stickers and washi tapes… even scrapbooking papers and puzzles!

Don’t-Miss Planner Supplies:

Their officially licensed Harry Potter washi tapes!!

harry potter washi tape

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, it’s definitely worth checking out their selection – so many washi tapes, but they also have cards, stickers, and entire Harry Potter planners.

And if the Hogwarts scene isn’t your jam, they have Wonder Woman planner merch as well!

But I’m on a tight budget. Can I still find great planner supplies?

Girl, oh yes.

In fact, there’s no reason why you should EVER have to break the bank for cute supplies for your planner.

Like I said in my Finding Your Planner post, when I first stumbled on the planner world, I was fresh out of college and looking to start my first business (making candles – a fun, but very expensive, first business!).

I was dead broke.

I did manage to splurge on my planner here and there, but for the most part I was hunting for a great deal, and I found plenty.

Here are my tips for planner supplies on a budget:


If you have a printer, you have everything you need to find cute planner stuff for free. Yup, 100% for free.

Pinterest has thousands of results for free printable stickers, inserts, even printable faux washi tape for your planner!

With a color printer and some sticker paper, there’s no reason you can’t fill your planner with as much decoration as you want.

And even if you don’t have, and don’t want to buy sticker paper, regular paper and some glue or tape can work just as well!

The Wish App

Wish hinges on a single promise: If you can bring yourself to wait for overseas shipping, you can find just about anything at 80% off the regular retail price.

And Wish is LOADED with adorable planner accessories – literally everything you could want.

If you have reservations about the quality of the product be sure to check the reviews, but personally I’ve found that most items on Wish are sourced from the same manufacturers as similar items from Amazon.

I’ve never had a problem with quality. And you truly can’t beat the prices on most everything!

Where to Find the Best Planner Accessories & Stickers

Dollar Stores

I don’t have a Dollar Tree near me, so I can’t vouch for this – but I’ve heard it can be a goldmine for cute stationery and craft supplies!

My local dollar stores are Dollarama, and I’ve found some amazing deals there – actually, a lot of my good felt tip pens came from the Dollarama, and some really cute washi as well!

Again, dollar stores can have a bad reputation for low quality items, but a lot of what they sell is overstock from name brands.

I’ve found great brands – K&Company, Papermate, even Mildliners once – at my dollar store. It pays to go regularly and keep an eye out for great deals!

Where to Find the Best Planner Accessories & Stickers

You don’t need a secret “in” to find the cutest accessories for your planner if you know where to look!

And if you keep your eyes peeled – you’ll start realizing there’s adorable stuff all around you to use in your planner.

Like I said… did you realize IKEA has washi tape?

Happy hunting!

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