Secret Behind A Confident Woman

The Secret Behind A Confident Woman

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We all know at least one confident woman who seems to have it all together. A happy marriage, well-behaved kids, a job she’s good at, she’s beautiful, she never complains, she brings positivity and, above all, everybody wants to be in her company. So we can’t help but wonder: What’s her secret?

Every single one of us wants to be that woman.

We all want to be confident and feel beautiful. That’s why we buy ourselves nice clothes, shoes, accessories, we put on our make up… To be as beautiful as we can.

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And the confidence will come, right?

But all those things don’t make us beautiful.

They make us look good, but beauty is something that comes within.

That woman from the beginning was not born like that.

She makes an effort. She’s living like that.

The first sign of beauty is actually a smile on someone’s face.

Look at Victoria Beckham for example. She looks great and has a great sense of style, but I don’t think she’s the light of a party. But when she smiles, she looks like a completely different person. She looks beautiful and happy.

There’s no such thing as an ugly smile.

I know I’m not the first to say that beauty comes within. But I definitely agree with it. So what’s the secret behind a confident woman?

A confident woman knows

It is very important for us to care about feeling good at all times. That confident woman already knows that.

So every day, she makes an effort to feel good.

It’s part of her lifestyle. Like lighting up a candle because it makes her feel relaxed. 

Having beautiful bedding that makes her sleep better.

A feminine coffee cup that makes her feel special.

She knows that everything around us has a big impact on the way we feel.

And we can’t hide our feelings. At least not for too long. So what she does? The only thing she can. She impacts the things that are in her control.

The power of a nightgown

Unlike most women, who think that the only important thing when buying nightwear is a comfort, a confident woman knows that you always have to care about how you feel.

Even when you sleep.

Because she doesn’t dress up for others, she does it for herself, to make her feel good.

Lots of women even sleep in their husband/boyfriends T-shirts. And that’s great if it makes them feel good (it can even look sexy).

But I rarely get that impression. Simply because the way they say it: “I don’t care, I sleep in an oversized T-shirt.” or “I don’t care, I don’t wanna throw my money to buy a pajama. I’m sleeping in it, I don’t have to look good.”

Never underestimate the value of looking good.

Looking good makes you feel good. And everyone can look good. EVERYONE. So why wouldn’t you care about that?

Nowadays, there are millions of affordable ways to look good and be comfortable. Even when you’re sleeping. Imagine how that would make you feel?

And then, when you wake up in the morning and look in the mirror, you’ll think you look pretty good for someone who has just woken up.

Ok, your hair is a mess, but you were sleeping.:-) That’s ok. Your day just started great. Because you cared.

Then it’s up to you to make the rest of your day good.

Your morning beauty routine shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes. You don’t want it to be exhausting.

After drinking coffee from your beautiful mug, you’re ready to go out looking great. But this time is different. It’s somehow easier. Because you have a secret.

You always look great!

But nobody needs to know that. You’re doing it for yourself. So that YOU can be that confident woman everybody wants to hang out with.

In the end, I’ll give you one more secret a confident woman holds to herself.

She doesn’t just care, she also believes. She believes she looks good. And that makes her feel good.

Have you noticed that when you believe in something, you always look for the signs to prove you’re right?

So start believing and the only thing that is actually going to change is the fact that you simply changed your point of view.

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