Lifestyle Habits Of Successful Women

7 Lifestyle Habits Of Successful Women

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There is no exact recipe for how to become an established, successful woman. However, there are a few habits commonly shared between successful women, that everyone should try and incorporate into their daily life. 

These habits are all about continuous self-improvement, personal management, and development while adding some structure into the flow of each day.

Becoming a successful business woman is a long process. You can’t just put in an effort once and expect to wake up rich, famous and accomplished. We all know that, right? 

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But did you know this? According to Aristotle, 95% of everything we do is a result of our habits. 

Which means, creating good habits may result in great accomplishments. 

Luckily, incorporating the habits of successful people is easier than you might think. All that it requires is willpower from your side.

So, let’s go through the habits most successful women share.

1.  Constantly educating yourself and seeking more knowledge

Successful women are always on the hunt for information. Their hunger for knowledge is unparalleled and that’s why they are always on top of the game. 

Arming yourself with knowledge will not only make you powerful and confident, but it will also help you expand your horizons, be more open-minded towards other perspectives, and more welcoming of unconventional ideas. 

Seeking to acquire more knowledge each day will also improve the quality of conversations and discussions you lead with other people. In addition to that, knowledge will give you an edge over conquering life and accomplishing your goals.

What would happen if you make your goal to read a book or do an online course every 3 months? That’s 4 books/courses a year, which means a lot of new and useful information to learn.

Imagine the effect it would have on your mindset, performance and, in the end, your future. Gathering all that knowledge and new perspectives will surely make you want to use it. 

2.  Setting goals and tracking progress

Successful people know that it’s so important to have a list of objectives to accomplish, not just career and business-wise, but also regarding other aspects of life, such as health and finance. It helps them keep focused on what’s important to them. 

Even though everyone can set up goals, the thing that truly separates successful women from the rest is that they keep track of their progress and they hold themselves accountable for their mistakes or failures. Staying disciplined can be hard sometimes, but the outcome is extremely rewarding.

Setting goals and tracking their progress is especially important if you’re an entrepreneur and your own boss.

3.  Taking action

Once their goals are all set and they are aware of their priorities, successful women push their fears aside and take action.

They don’t waste time thinking whether they are motivated that day or not. They know what they want and they work on it. Even if they are not ready – they take action and learn along the way.

The thing that makes this process easier for them is that successful women are doing everything with intention. When they have a task to accomplish, they always think of the motives and reasons behind it. They always have their ‘big goal’ in mind which helps them stay consistent.

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4.  Having a problem-solving point of view

Successful people failed more times than people that haven’t accomplished as much. Why? Because they took action more times. What made them successful despite the failures is their point of view.

A successful woman knows that the fact that she didn’t make it this time is not the end of the world and that it actually could’ve gone a lot worse.

What she does next is to learn from it and make a new plan, which makes her problem of failure a life-lesson.

As William Feather said: “If you haven’t been at the edge of failure, success will not particularly delight you.”

5.  Successful women surround themselves with like-minded people

Success is not merely about what you do and the chances you take, but it’s also about other people who have shown you love and support throughout your entire journey.

Successful women always seek like-minded people’s input and perspective. They go all out in trying to build deep relationships with other entrepreneurs and business people, but they also value what “less powerful/ influential” people have to say, regardless of their social status in life.

In fact, Jordan Peterson’s 9th rule (from his book 12 Rules Of Life) is: Assume that the Person You’re Listening to Might Know Something You Don’t.

This habit is more than just networking, because if you want to succeed, you will, at some point, need the help, guidance and constructive criticism of like-minded individuals surrounding you.

6.  Creating daily routines

Most of us already follow some kind of routine, but does it make us productive or happy?

Successful women know that, if they want to maintain satisfaction in more fields than just their job, creating a daily routine can be life-changing.

Having time for yourself, building self-confidence, having your everyday life in order or becoming a master of efficiency are just some of the ways how having a daily routine can be beneficial for you.

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Many successful women have shared their morning routines, from Arianna Huffington’s goal-setting trick to Anna Wintour’s go-to morning workout, so it’s no secret that this habit works.

7.  Having a get-out system (self-care)

A lot of people think that if they drop the ball for a second, all their successes will dissipate, but that mentality is absolutely wrong. In fact, it’s the opposite of that.

Successful people have had their ups and downs, so they know the importance of taking time off for themselves. It especially helps them get more direction in leading their business and it provides them with a sense of clarity when considering the next steps they are about to take.

If you want to be more productive and inspire success, you need to implement this habit into your daily routine.

Let go of your phone or any other distractions, focus on yourself, meditate and enjoy your ‘alone time’. You will find that you have more motivation and enthusiasm to tackle anything thrown your way, with that much energy you’ll be ready to take the world by storm and make some powerful changes.

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Every one of these habits of successful women can be learned and easily implemented in your life. Maybe it won’t work the first time you try, but it’s worth to be consistent in finding the system that works for you.

I like the way Jim Rohn, a self-made millionare (before he turned 31!) and the author of dozens of self-development books, explained the importance of learning and working on yourself:

“What matters is who we are, not what we have. Because what we have is a result of who we are. If we lose everything we have today, we would create it again. Because, the same attitude, the same way of thinking, the same actions will always lead to the same result.”

This means that, if we want to change what we have, we need to change what we do. And what better way to do that than incorporating already known habits of successful women.

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