Keep Your New Year's Goals

Motivation to Keep Your New Year’s Goals

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It’s all about goals. The beginning of the year is filled with goals and setting up your life for the next year. I have been so in love with reading all the end of year reviews and goals and resolution posts floating around the blogging universe the last two weeks. I love the excitement and enthusiasm that comes from reflecting on the past year and planning the year ahead. The problem is that I know that excitement is going to taper off as we get busy in the new year and I want this year to be better. I want to blog better, be a better mom, a better wife a better friend, etc. So I was thinking we all need some motivation to stick with our goals through the year.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I’m going to keep up with things and put together a list of 5 tips to keep up your motivation from new years throughout the next year.

1.  create new routines: I’m using my Google calendar more to stay on schedule. I’m also working on weekly and monthly lists for around the house so we can check off things as we get them done. Blake and I are going to start having sit down sessions to go over monthly budgets to keep us both on track.

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2. Share my goals with others: I think this is so important to keep yourself accountable. I do this by being open with my family and husband. I also share it publicly with you guys here on my blog. My blogging goals and my January goals.  This puts them out there and knowing other people know my goals helps me feel motivated to keep them.

3. Cut some of the non essentials:  I was realizing that I was spending too much time watching TV and it wasn’t adding to my business or life really. I still watch TV on days in the morning that Blake doesn’t work, which is only a couple mornings a week. I also put on TV at night when I’m  doing easy mindless tasks for my blog. That way I can still watch something and work at the same time.  I also have focused on doing less social media unless it’s beneficial to my blog. I try to go on in the morning and like or comment on friends and families posts but not all throughout the day.

4. Make Monthly Goals: I mentioned this in my January Goals post as well. I like the idea of monthly goals over yearly goals for the most part. I do because I feel like a year goal can be too big and broad. What I want to achieve right now in January 2015 may not be what matters to me this December. A lot can change between now and then so monthly goals work better for me. With my blogging goals for 2015 I am going to try to tackle one or two goals a month throughout the year.

5. Focus on my priorities: This was something I struggled with last year, I wasted a lot of time and didn’t put my focus on the areas of my life that are really important. So this year I want to keep my blog and growing blog consulting as one of the top areas of my life to focus on. That doesn’t mean I don’t have other priorities because obviously my daughter, Blake and doing things around the house are really important but if I want to keep growing as a blogger I have to make it a top priority in my life. So whatever goals that are so important in your life make sure you are spending the main chunks of your time on those top priorities.

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